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Yours, Mine, Life’s Code DNA Science School is a two-stage organization for primary school students. Explaining the basic principles of molecular biology, introducing the DNA molecule, improving the awareness about biological diversity and nature conservation and contribution to educate students who are interested in science are the objectives of this program. Within the Yours, Mine, Life’s Code DNA Science School- 1, basic structure of DNA molecule will be explained, DNA from students cheek epithelium will be isolated, visualized and stained. The isolated DNA molecules will be put in to pendants and each of the student will carry his/her own DNA in this necklaces. Also DNA isolation from different fruits will be practiced too. Within the Yours, Mine, Life’s Code DNA Science School- 2, in scope of the “Tell your name- Learn Your Code” activity, the codes of each students’ name will be identified by a software. Students will aline four different colored beads according to their own codes which were identified from their names and will prepare the bracelets which symbolize their own virtual DNA code.